• Keep your home safer while you’re away. 
  • Having lights on, mail taken in, and someone entering and leaving, discourages intruders and vandals.
  • Keep the house warm during winter. In some climates, pipes can freeze without heat.
  • Take care of pets, plants, yard, etc.

Pet Sitting

Having an animal lover stay with your pets is an alternative to having them boarded. It’s better for them and also saves you money. Dogs, of course, need regular walks so a sitter can perform this task. In addition to dogs and cats, I have been in homes with fish, hamsters, and various other creatures kept in tanks.


Caretaking overlaps with housesitting and pet sitting and could entail more creative or unique needs. It could include:

  • Taking care of the property –mow lawn, snow removal. 
  • Helping with business responsibilities such as Airbnb while you’re away).
  • Work exchange —For example, I do online services such as writing, editing, research, data entry, etc.

This type of arrangement is personal and we’d have to discuss whether I’d be the right fit. However, I’m open to many possibilities.