Here are some reviews for past house and pet sits.

Allyn – San Mateo, California, United States

Larry was excellent with my shy (previously abused) dog! My neighbors told me \”he got along with Nix VERY well\” and he walked her a few times every day. After our dog greeted us upon our return, my dog was happy to sit next to him all evening! Larry is very calm and pleasant to spend time with before and after the housesit. He treated the house well and was tidy. He was very trustworthy. He worked from home just as he said, so he spent time with the pets. He drove our Prius without incident and took the dog to the dog park. I would absolutely love to have him back for a housesit.

Bill Magargal – Liberty, New York, United States

Larry is a quiet delightful, easy-going guy whom our dogs love. He is very responsive to texts, calls, emails and keeps in touch regarding any questions he might have. When we got home the house was tidy and the dogs were calmer than on any previous trip we’ve taken. He is exactly the kind of person who wants to take care of our most important things … our pets and home. Thanks for everything, Larry.

Suzahn – San Isidro, Costa Rica

Larry sat in our house for two months and did an excellent job looking after our house and our two dogs. I would use him again anytime.

Caroline – Tarporley, United Kingdom

Larry was great with my 2 dogs and cat, he fitted in really well and they were very well cared for and more to the point happy, thank you very much, Larry.

Paulina – Basel, Switzerland

Larry took care of my cat Mimi for 3.5 weeks, and the whole experience was very good. The contact prior to his arrival was efficient and timely. When I was away, Larry was in touch about the cat and how things were going. My cat seemed to like Larry a lot, so even after my coming back Mimi would stay around Larry. The flat was left clean and tidy. Thanks, Larry once again, it was a pleasure to meet you!

Jamie – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Larry was responsible, communicated well, took great care of the cats, followed our directions, and left our home clean, even washing the sheets on the guest bed. Highly recommended!